12 Reasons Japanese Women Stay Slim and Don’t Look Old

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  1. this great if you can afford and find fish in your area that is not contaminated good Fresh fruits and veg and matcha teas that don't cost an arm and leg in my community then maybe we could follow these methods

  2. Great points of healthy living style. I have admired the Japanese culture since many years ago noticing their being at a better place than many other cultures in Asia. They are impressive indeed and I appreciate their foods greatly. Last week we dined at Japanese restaurant eating salmon and the whole bento box choice with a great Japanese beer. It was very satisfying and classy with the service and care to they provided to make our outing highly enjoyable. Learning from all the good points for better living from any and all cultures has benefit and I have great respect for what good they bring to us humans to promote peace and make living a beautiful experience. Thanks for this nice video clip, Healthy Life. And, yes, I am subscribed to your network and appreciate it much.

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