4 Easy Indian Evening Snacks Recipes | How To Make Quick Snacks | Simple Living Wise Thinking

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  1. Hey hi…
    How are you?
    Again amazing snack recipes.
    I got very busy these days so whenever get time i comment on video infact i watch them regularly . Last two days was very busy due to Rakhi celebration but enjoyed lot.
    How's lil princess? Lots of love to both of you 😚😚😚😚😍

  2. ❣Hi, Payal, how INTERESTING!! No wonder your daughter loves veggies, because she is so much used to it, even in snacks. I'll try all of them, and I really have to start my PAYAL COOKING BOOK, too hard to remember all in my age:-)), also I have to go again to the Kashmir Bazaar to look after Lotus seeds and jaggery ( a kind of sugar??), both I've never tasted. These are again so good recipes for leftovers, no waste in your kitchen. Thank you for sharing your ideas, love, Monika❣

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