7 Powerful Fruits To Lose Weight And Burn Belly Fat Instantly

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  1. Just put in your mind that these fruits are mostly genetically modified and/or heavy on pesticide unless you buy them at the organic produce aisle. Most items at the organic produce aisle are very expensive and stay a very long time there, losing its nutrients. They also spend a long time in the freezer. A lot of fruits lose their nutrients when they are frozen and/or exposed to extreme heat during shipping.

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  10. You have great visuals in your video – but this robot voice really needs to be redone. Find someone with a soothing voice – and someone who can speak English – without too much of a dialect. You have good information and visuals, the voice ruins this video.

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  13. I just want to say that in Dec. 2014 I was hit by a car while walking in a crosswalk. Long story short, I can't exercise other than walking. I had ballooned (no pun intended) to 307 lbs. After a good scolding from my PC doctor on 9-29-2016 I decided to make some changes. I cut out ALL bread, soda, cold cuts, snacks (except pretzels) and cut back on cheese and wine (that was hard). Now remember I said NO exercising. I eat Instant oatmeal with a Hershey Kiss and some chopped nuts for breakfast. For lunch I have salad with hard boiled egg and cheese and Baco's (yum) and top with dressing (no fat free, fuck that shit). Supper is whatever I want. NO dessert. Well as of 12-9-2016 I'm down to 274 lbs. That is I believe 33 lbs lost. I'm averaging two pounds a week. I ain't done yet. I'd like to be 180 lbs again but we'll see.
    My point is you don't need special foods or $5,000 equipment. Or to starve yourself. I do drink wine on Sat./Sun. just not Mon.-Fri. I don't feel hungry. What we ALL need to lose weight is the POWER in us. My wife is 108 lbs. and we have cookies, ice cream, potato chips and all kinds of goodies. I just don't eat them. Self control is the only MAGIC you need. All of us have the power.
    I posted that comment on 12-9-2016, as of Friday 2-3-2017 I weigh 252 lbs. That's 22 lbs lost and a total of 55 lbs lost since 9-29-2016. 55 lbs in 17 weeks is 3.2 lbs a week. I'm still not exercising (I have more eye surgery due soon) just changing my eating habits. You really need to find out what works best for yourself. NO tricks, gimmicks, special foods, fancy equipment or bullshit. Just healthy eating.

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