All The Wilderness (Full Movie)

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  1. Yes I honestly thank you for your movies but not the commercial s.. I wish they would stop them. I watch other YOUTUBE channels with really people and they put commercials I find it deplorable behaviour.

  2. Right when THE WEEKEND hits you guy put on a zillion advertising commercial, I spent a ton on making sure the childern had food in their bellys for the first week of school. I spent money on school note books pens paint paper back up,⛽ to drive and I have no money to buy toys and new games..I understand we need to walk exercise and cook at home.. I am really sad I never have enough money to buy everybody ever thing they need.. I feel I will always be in need on somethings vacations that a dream. And you dream if you think I am going to spend another red cent on junk. Thank you but I despise commercial. And if you think show the childern them,yes they will get idea's they want it, they dont understand the financial situations and will be sad unhappy and hungry. So please I emplorer please OPT me out for commercial on the weekends.

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