AP: One dead after car runs into Charlotte protesters

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  1. The guy driving the car hit and killed peaceful protest antifa. It's not like antifa are violent and murdering people, they're practicing their rights. White nats and trump supporters aren't beating the shit out of nazis that are marching with them, a country who wanted Americans extinct and murdered people who weren't blond hair blue eyed by the millions, and are marching to keep the statue of a dude who fought to keep slavery around over 150 years ago. Logically, hard to side with the white nats.

  2. The Antifa, the SJWs and the BLM thought only they have the right to riot and violence. The right tolerated them for years and this is the first time they have hit back. Though I don't condone violence or white nationalism the Antifa, the SJWs and the BLM had it coming.

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