AUKEY Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review – How to Customize Lights & Features

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  1. Been looking forward to destiny 2 since was a huge fan of the first game. The first game is getting boring and am excited since the second game is coming out for pc! Thanks for everything!!!

  2. I'm sooooo looking forward to destiny 2 because the first one kinda let me down after a few months but I loved the concept and the fact that it's coming out on pc as well this time is a good thing in my opinion

  3. Game I'm looking forward to most is the new middle earth shadow of war because the first one was very interesting, fun to play. I thought they would be only little to improve if a sequel was released but they surprised me with how much change they have made it looks VERY good so far, the story looks more interesting and in depth thats my 2017 most wanted game..

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