Breaking News Trump, start to take military action on North Korea – BnTV

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  1. MEDIA MUST STOP TO PUT THE OIL ON FIRE…Trump said IF N.KOREA ATTACS then USA will respond..N.Korea did not misunderstood…I think that Kim speaks english very well :he finished a college in Switzerland …Remember, China said that they will support N.Korea if the USA attacks for first…Does Trump want to go in war and kill 25 million of people and enter in war with China and may be with Russia ?..No way..Kim knows very well what was happened to Saddam and Gaddafi.They are dead ..but Kim has nuke , so he is still alive..I understand him, you 'll do the same if you think for a moment about his situation ..he has not intention to attack…He plays a mad man so nobody will touch him ……It's all about staying alive..

  2. This channel is fear porn folks. Also their videos have a lot of inconsistencies. Not a reliable source. Don't get me wrong, the situation is serious as the US intelligence community are trying to manufacture public consent via the mainstreamedia to go to war with NK. This is eerily similar to the times leading up to the Iraq war.

  3. Perhaps this might be a good thing for all those American bullies, who just might be humbled by the experience. When I was younger and full of piss and vinegar I would probably be chomping at the bit to get involved, now I'm older and have seen many Docs on the subject of war, I would have sooner beat my head against a wall than to go through the horror of it.

  4. i cant stop laughing at the USA for talking about human right violation while the US is the first country that doesnt know human right.
    ppl get killed all over the US by police officers. who has right in the US? i would say no one
    you guys need to start being ashamed to talk about human right violation.

  5. u are a disgrace to all creators, i got message about you i didn't believe but i guess i'm going to join the rest and start reporting the … out of you. you just take creators their uploads, multi dubbel video's etc. u know..

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