Cassava Pone Recipe.

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  1. Ah, Chris. Thank you for that cassava line recipe. Mine is baking in the oven right now and it smells heavenly. I have soaked the raisins in Trinidad rum I bought on a tour of Angostura when I last visited Port of Spain. In my book, you can't bake with raisins and not get them drunk first. Thanks again.

  2. When I was a young boy and lived in Trinidad,I went to test cricket at QPO,during the lunch break I couldn't afford roti so I bought 20 cents of pone from a lady from Laventille,and that was the best pone I ever tasted,my mother's pone was closest to that.Today I am going to try and emulate those tastes that I was accustomed too.

  3. We don't put milk or flour in our pone nor pumpkin.. to each his own i made some cassava pone for thanksgiving no four milk or pumpkin.. and it was delicious sugar,butter,vanilla essence,raisins cherries and i grater my coconut.. that's bajan pone Barbados

  4. Can I leave out the coconut or substitute something for it because I just can't handle the texture of coconut. I wouldn't want to ruin it though. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I've been looking everywhere for pie recipes that don't require crust because I am made terribly sick when I eat gluten and miss things like pumpkin pie. If you have anymore gluten-free recipes I would love it if you shared them. I will subscribe in hope of it.

  5. would love to make this recipe. But I need to replace evaporated milk as one of my children has cow milk allergy. substituting butter is not a problem, I use vegan butter. Can I just use more of coconut milk/coconut cream? thanks

  6. oh man, i was hoping to see what it looks like when you cut into it! but its interesting tht you added pumpkin to it. never heard of that before. makes me curious. I've never made a cassava pone before.

  7. I didn't know you can put milk and baking powder in pone. hmmmm interesting. If i am making I would leave out the milk and put water since me and milk is not friends. Thanks for the recipe.

  8. Loved it! Instructions were sooooo clear/easy to follow, I too felt like a baker. I have loved cassava & sweet potato phones forEVER but never had the courage to make either because of my limited (meaning NONEXISTING) cooking/baking skills. With your help though it was a hit! TY

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