Cassava Pone Recipe.

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  1. The way you made that is the same way you would make a bread pudding…however it is good to know that you can make cassava into dessert…NICE! I believe it will eat better…my mom cooks cassava to eat with a butter lime fish sauce. I love the one you call fa-reen for the cassava…THANK YOU!

  2. Hi Chris! Just made the cassava pone today. I use your wonderful recipe all the time but this time I'm using frozen yuca(Publix Grocery). It's convenient no peeling, already clean I just grate it. Will let you know how it turns out my spouse and sister-in-law are from Trinidad. Thanks for the great recipes

  3. I live in Trinidad and I must add you wasted some of it by digging  too much out with the main vein the middle of the  cassava.  Also by taking off too much of the skin.

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