Chebe Powder Recipes For Natural Hair Growth || HERE!

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  1. Miss Sahel in her original video said it grows your hair, then she did a second video which she had questions to answer and she said it doesn't make your hair grow but it keep it from breaking, its just a pity having this African secrets spread like this, its just a matter of time before the big $guys go explore this product from that poor community in exchange for peanuts!!! Instead the Chad women should be empowered, making good money for their families, the kids there live in real poor conditions, Government should be involved in this!!

  2. What is YOUR MOTIVATION for promoting this content?

    Why in the WORLD would a white woman have an interest the BLACK Natural Hair Community???

    If you are of African decent?πŸ€” I'm confused????? Likes, Right?

  3. I've found all the ingredients but the shebe seeds which is also called lavender croton. However I can't figure out the native name for it in Ghana or Nigeria. I have a friend who is from Ghana but he needs to know the name so he can tell his sister to buy the seeds for me. Unfortunately I'm from Liberia and this plant does not grow there so I can't ask my aunt or grandma. I'm in the US now and I want to make this for myself. Anyone who knows what it's called in Ghana or Nigeria pls tell me.

  4. Hi, Sunday I have been following Chebe Hair documentary by Miss Sahel and I have not tried the orginal powders. I have done my research to find the closes recipe powders and maked my own blend. I admire the process of the chebe women it is not a joke and it requires a lot of devotion and passion to make and use on a consist bases. I use my blend for a solid two weeks ( to give my hair a break and let it rest) and it does hold and lock in moisture. The con of the powder I created is minor. The gain ratio need to be a little finer to combine into the hair so as to not look like the hair is dirty or gainy. By combining this mix in your hair you get the extra strengh incasing the hair folices and the use of the oil bind the good oil to the hair and the powders lock it in. Using the powders will be a great benefit for those whom do not manipulate their hair and who's scalp is super clean such as wearing locks and braids and buns. You can use the chebe method on a weekly basis and wash out every 5 days/( if you feel you need to wash your hair or just to reapply a new batch). I do plan to use this method doing the winter months for sure. The two weeks I used this method I wore a low bun and it worked fine. Sign- Stay beautiful my sisters

  5. 1. I want to see some tutorials and reviews first. If it can help against breakage and somebody has an idea how to get the smell under control I would love to try it.

    2. I saw lots of women in Miss Sahel's comments that some of the usual companies will steal the recipe and the culture where chébé actually came from won't see any profit. So I for my part wanted to be constructive and ask Miss Sahel and the 2 French salons who started selling the product first about whether they have a collaboration and who holds the patent. I also asked how we could support the women. Whether this works or not obviously many people are willing to pay money for it so publishing this process of production is a huge step and it would be nice if we could give something back. I opened a Facebook chat group to discuss this, shared some screenshots there but there's not much activity going on atm. Anyone interested please tell me your FB name ☺️

  6. You did an excellent job covering this story and thank you so much for mentioning my name and including the links. The content, audio, editing, inserts and your voice tone is outstanding! btw: I will be trying this product. Sunday Omony do you know if any of the proceeds will be given to the Chad Tribe?

  7. Lmbo Yes I think this is about to take off. I saw another blogger video a few weeks ago. And I immediately thought I'll wait instead of searching because a more US based hair care company will come up with something soon.

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