China’s help with North Korea could alter Trump trade policy

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  1. I like american logic LETS HAVE A NUCLEAR WAR FUCK EM……okay now i gotta go work my $12 hour job im behind on bills…..ill forget it the potential war next week but yeah lets have a nuclear war.

  2. Actually, many countries have threaten impose trade sanctions on Chinese goods, or to even boycott Chinese goods altogether. But in the end, demand for Chinese goods remains high and the threats aren't carried out. Chinese workers make products like smartphones, computers, appliances, clothing, sneakers and etc, cheap, so that the cost of living in other countries kept low and reasonable. Think of the millions of dollars people saved over the years, thanks to access to affordable Chinese goods.

  3. O yeah, America is trillion is debt to other nations mainly those with less resources than them and deep economic ties to China. It's like cutting off both your hand despite your arms. Having a trade war with china will only speed up the fail of america. Just saying.

  4. China is smart and now that America is divided along racial lines, china creating connections to the wealthiest continent on earth, Africa, which has the fastest growing markets, youth population and enough growing technical know how combined with Russia to disregard America, which will end up in a race war in the next decade! American can have dying europe and lack of resourced Indian. China is clearly thinking three steps ahead. This is what the fall of america looks like. Africa and Africa Americas, plus latin america changes the game for america especially with the election of trump.

  5. China is stupid to fight us, we could write off all trade and debt to China.
    Wait ! Fight us China! You will go back to being a third world shithole with nukes and rice and nothing else.

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