Crazy Titch says he rates Stormzy and respects him (interlude)

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  1. Can't stand stormzy he's a fucking idiot guy gets on his high horse about police at Notting hill carnival but yet this guy supports a guy who shot a young man with a sub machine gun all because he produced a song. IDIOT!

  2. He wasn't called Crazy Titch for no reason, the man once kidnapped a rival mc dumped him naked in a countryside. He was big when grime was at the top.

  3. Titch was big back in the day! I rated him highly. But he fucked all that up by killing a man. Anyone supporting, or looking up to a murderer needs a kick to the head. Titch is living on his old hype. The new generation don't know or care who he is. He only has himself to blame for that. Stormzy used this for marketing purposes. To cause hype.

  4. Titch was hard back in the day, him and Dizzee, back when grime was grime! But Stormzy ain't nothing special, he can spit hes got bars I rate him but he's defo over rated. But that's just my opinion, The new gen grime fans only seem to know Skepta and Stormzy and Bugz lol

  5. mr Carl Dobson. you are the original badddd mannn of grime. and tell these new grime kids that you are the original owner of srormzy s shut up instrumental ruff squad Havana. xx.

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