DMX speaks ”Truth” & Lady Gaga is not really what many think

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  1. The worst thing is
    Its exposed for a long time now
    But the signs they use
    Portrait to be evil
    Are actually the things they wanna keep us away from because if we found out the true meaning of it
    We might achieve enlightenment

  2. i believe this because everybody that died was scared are didnt want to get in and they was killed. for instincts like tupac . Micheal jackson and JFK even our once President Abraham Lincoln industry( illuminati )

  3. And I'm SO OVER this Illuminati Stuff! It's modern day propaganda to cause AMERICA to be prejudice towards African culture such as pyramids,etc. The Devil (America) has blinded you with lies so you can be distracted by REAL PROBLEMS plus, this isn't even a thing in foreign countries CUT THE SHIT

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