Dmx talking about the illuminatti

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  1. Amen GLORY TO GOD you are one of the greatest rappers of all time I thank GOD FOR CHOOSING YOU thank you for speaking out helping touching reaching and teaching people look up to you so keep on preaching reaching teaching and helping others to come back and to find the true living GOD

  2. I believe that DMX took the oath however, rebelled against it later. He is certainly paying the price for his decision. "They" will humiliate you in front of the world and then sooner or later your found dead from a overdose or suicide… Maybe even a car wreck or plane crash smh. Honestly, hollyweird is Satan's play ground. That's why the media brain wash us into worshipping these devil worshippers. "They want our souls… We are in a spiritual warfare and our souls are at stake but all we car about is Jay z, B, sports etc We are being mind controlled and most don't even realize it. Google devil signs and then watch sports or a movie and you will see those signs everywhere !

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