Epic Wiz Khalifa Type Trap Rap Beat Hip Hop Instrumental 2016 – Tune Seeker

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  1. yo listen,imma jumpin , ima spit this flow, just real quick,
    first thing of all,you dont know how to read, your so stupid, you dont know, who to flick?
    imma throw middle finger up in the air, cuz this government, it is making me sick
    this is, the fuckin freedom of my speech, all you fuckin pussies, want a defeat,
    commin in hot, you feeling in my heat?!, back the fuck out the way, before you sleep.
    i guess ill be one of the rappers, who just never made it, so talent, it makes no sense,
    i'll still keep on grinding and my build my defense, building my enegy, too intense
    fuck this shit, aint worth to prove, that i can rap, well not to you,
    you just sit fuckin back and wait for me to blow up, and then, you got no clue.
    so laterz im out

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