Fifth Harmony Fans FREAK OUT Over Lauren Jauregui’s New Boo!

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  1. This what im saying ty love the attention he gets being with lauren .. hate me for saying this but who fuck is ty b4.. i know his a known rapper but the girls gives him a big break for his career .. u always says be happy for her but common guys he looks older than his dad .then lolo will be a step mom niw.he just love being around lauren coz he knows how much fan lauren to him so he makes a moves.. and bh3 is coming soon .. i love lolo but i hate ty for her.. not bcoz his nigga .. ty always looks high.. his not good for her.. now shes happy until what? then when ty hurts lauren ur all gonna be mad to him.. u ppol are so ridiculous.. ty songs always about sex or women or slut.. gosh ..then so its mean thats its tru that ty 😨 cheated his gf for lauren ..

  2. Poor lauren, she never had the possibility to post a picture with his boyfriend and girlfriend in the past, and still now, because she gets hate from some harmonizer and from some 5h stans. WTF? it's her life. IF SHE NEVER CONFIRMED CAMREN AND ALL HER PAST RELATIONSHIP (Brad, Lucy) it's because she was scared about our reaction and she thought that maybe we would react as like as some harmonizers are doing with ty now, and if she came out as bisexual very late than she expected, it's because she was worried about what we would say. If she post a pic with ty she know she will get hate, bacause people hate him for his race, or for the tattoos, for weed or because he's rapper….what a fake harmonizers. I'm an harmonizer 100% and I love Lauren and Ty since the beginning, and I support them, stop. If you don't like them sorry, but you have get it because it's they're life. Love who you want but respect their choices.❤

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