First Take Reacts To Floyd Mayweather’s Interview With Stephen A. Smith | First Take | ESPN

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  1. Typical Conor fan: skinny 15 year old white virgin.
    It's hilarious when they talk about fighting, when the only fight they've had is with their moms. They get violent when they are not allowed to listen to 'urban' music.

  2. This is as about meta as it gets. Interview Floyd Mayweather then go on your own show and react to the interview you had with Mayweather. No worries, I'm sure PTI will react to the interview then react to the reaction of First Take.

  3. I remember when espn tried to destroy floyd's reputation, now they have no choice but to endorse and promote him. Michelle beadle, Rachol Nichols, and Cari Champion are all somewhere having a bitch fit

  4. Boxing is one the weakest aspects in fighting, too much protection, without the rules its basically trash ass one dimensional aspect of fighting , BJJ > Boxing, Kickboxing > Boxing, Muay Thai > Boxing, Wrestling > Boxing, Judo > Boxing, etc… Boxer doenst have a shot against other arts in combat sports outside of a boxing match.

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