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  1. I like you found the plastic headbands to be uncomfortable. A workaround that I found was too take the ear pieces and put them over my ears in put the earpieces in that way and they stayed security no matter what I was doing. I hope this helps you and everyone else who buys the Samsung Circle. I loved mine Unfortunately, they got left behind at a Italian restaurant and somebody absconded with them.

  2. A clip to the shirt at the back of our neck line will be great, but still the problem of attaching it from behind seems hard..

    sound quality 10/10
    futuristic design 8/10
    design flaw 8/10
    overall satisfaction 4/10

  3. I hope they come to market with the next generation soon because the neck guard was a deal killer for me.. The sound vis excellent so it's really too bad In my opinion they would have been better off solving it before they brought these to market. You can buy these for about $30 on Amazon now, if you don't mind having a vice on your neck.

  4. I just received mine today from UPS.  I tried them on with the medium neck guard and the medium earbuds.  Mine seem to be very very comfortable and I can't even feel the  neck guard around my neck. Tried them with the large neck guard but it was a little sloppy and I was afraid they out fall off.  I purchased mine in black as I could not rock that magenta looking pink color and the blue would have been nice if it was in the dark blue range. 

    Now my review:  I absolutely love them!  They are lightweight and sound incredible.  I was afraid the base wouldn't be there but it is and with the the Samsung Gear app you can select different pre programmed sounds or you can make your own program.  The turn off the music when completing the full circle seems to have a second or two delay but I can live with that.  Talking over them to your paired cell telephone is crystal clear and no one knew I was using my Gear.  Usually when using the bluetooth in my car everyone is complaining of the back ground noise and asking me to take them off speaker phone but with these they didn't even recognize I wasn't holding the phone to my face.

    All I can say is shop around, there is some really great deals out there, I don't recommend ebay for the purchase as they are shipped to the US be overseas company's and you probably can't get a warranty from Samsung USA.  I did purchase mine from HSN as it was the Special of the day and came with some really cool extras and it was only $79.00 shipped and I received them a whole 8 days early.

    Next is my new Gold Urbane watch but I will review that on the Urbane review sight.  
    P.S. — DO NOT purchase a UK or Korea model as you will not receive a warranty from LG USA (I already called LG and asked them).  Only place I could find the Gold Urbane was at (the Best Buy stores will not be receiving them and they can not order them it is a only product.

    Piece out,
    Robert 46184

  5. Samsung should put a warning on their box that states the following:

    WARNING!!! If you're to stupid the read the supplied directions don't buy our product.

    The reason I said this is because upon opening the box these headphones came in the first thing I did was read the directions. I sized the ear buds and never once did the fall out. Even when I jumped around and banged my head like a Motley Crew weed smoking fan they never budged. The sound quality is awesome. Even the neck attachment

  6. These headphones are not for everybody. With that being said, I think the sound quality is outstanding (plenty of bass). Once I got use to the neck brace and put in the correct ear inserts, I have had no problem with them falling out (AT ALL). I picked these up at best buy on sale for 69.99. I love these head phones!

  7. look at the size of your hands a wrists and try to tell me you don’t have a thick neck… owned these headphones for over a year now and everybody i let use them have no problem with eh clasp, i sleep with it on and shower with it on. these headphones are phenomenal trust me. its for fit individuals not lazy people, sorry not sorry for being honest. if you want the best thing on the market for only 99 bucks perfect connection, sweet as hell touch controls ability to answer hangup change songs text the whole nine with a necklace that turns into headphones these are for you.

  8. those earphone are shit quality and sound like shit too the best bluetooth in ear earphones are still the jaybirds bluebuds x. the fact you talked this up regardless how much of a piece of shit it is means you are really taking it up the arse from Samsung. And this is why this guy is not worth even listening too he says ALL Samsung devices are good even the crap devices.

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