Halo Wars 2 is DEAD on PC – Microsoft Embraces STEAM

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  1. here is the bumb as guide to why no cross play, MS store use XBL service, Steam use Game Works service at present not compatible but MS has already stated they will do cross play so the ball is in Valves court on the whole cross-play side of the argument, so put presser on Valve to allow XBL cross play on SteamWorks

  2. what if what they are doing is preventing crossplay on the steam version to purposely kill it on pc and then use that excuse to make it an exclusive on MS platform because they will just go like "well the statistics cleary show that the PC version died and the MS platform did not, us not letting steam user cross play cleary wasnt the cause of its dead fan base.

  3. hi guys i want to buy halo wars but not sure i want to buy it on steam or from windows store, the reason being
    1. i like collecting steam trading cards, and halo wars has them
    2.i have played all my xbox titles on xbox so far and i would like to keep it that way, ie: i want all my xbox achievements earned on it

    so i would like some opinions?

  4. Here's you answer, Halo has been and will always be an xbox exclusive. If you rather not play Halo on xbox, then you choose to play Halo without the community.

    With your logic I should be able to play CS:GO on xbox 360 (which is possible) but the CS:GO community does not back the 360 servers.

    I don't see how that's hard for some people to understand. I feel that people now days pay too much attention to the game itself instead of a game's community. At least for multiplayer games anyways.

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