How To Easily Make $2,475 A Month On Youtube

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  1. KH i have a question i know thses are public domain videos he is using but. would it be possible for some one to do some thing to the videos like reedit them sell them and copy right that? or ad a new cartoon characters to the animation it self and copy right that video?  let me know becuase i have a few diffrent ideas. thanks sal

  2. You need about 1 Million views to make $2000 (That's before youtube's cut to) So according to his current view ratio and join date he makes on average $4500 per YEAR. Nowhere near the $2000 a month claimed in this video.

  3. i call BS!, i just used that site in your description and youtube will not let me monetise it the video. i get the following messages

    1.Unable to apply ad formats to video without a monetisation policy. Please apply a monetisation policy to a video before attempting to apply ad formats.

    2. Failed saving monetisation options

    3.You do not have permission to change syndication settings on this video.

    i wonder how many more videos of yours are BS


  4. Jesus why don't you guys invest your cash in the stock market and real estate wait let me guess little money well then there's nadex for stocks and car flipping homie cmon these are real business's take time but can be mastered like any skill

  5. i m an affilaiate marketer. i design website but i am not giving any more free info. people at GW keep asking me. and be careful of a youtuber ebayisajoke he is a scammer and bade nuse watch my videos for the proof

  6. Don't forget that sometimes when you see popular videos with ads, sometimes the money generated from the ad doesn't go to the person who uploaded the video, but the people who own the copyright.

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