Irv Gotti Tells Creepy “50 Cent” Story On Breakfast Club About Psychic Warning Him About 50 Cent

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  1. I went to a tarot reader she told me it was my grandmothers bday in few days , she shows me a card saying a man whom your very close to is going 2 die , i freaked out ran to my Dad n he ripped up his plane ticket to Ca , that following mon am he passed ) mordified …This real pschycic woman left that lil tea house …

  2. You was on top of the world only cause you road in other people's coats tails u bum. U fake wanna be something your not play girl. Why are they even intervieing this bum? A nobody. And these people are listening to this bullshit

  3. irv is a idiot she got on line n looked his life up. fucking idiot Yo! and he a liar ,he said 07 then 02 , telling fairy tales like ja rule , hahaha and talks like he's a bitch,he seems bitter over Gunit eliminating him n ja . what a clown .

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