Jeepers Creepers 3 Trailer #1 – Coming soon 2017

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  1. i hope the quality of this jeepers creepers will not be forsaken. tho years ago jeepers 1 and 2 editing in that time was so good. but if you watch it today youll see the big difference. pls make it good. if ever it will be released on september 1 pls make it good. im so sick of watching superhero movies. make this a good comeback. 🙂

  2. Hard to continue supporting these films after learning that the director is a convicted pedophile. Usually I can seperate the art from the artist but in this case, its damn near impossible.

  3. I loved the movie Jeepers Creepers because of the 2(the end)…one of the best horror movies ever…14 years….wow!! I hope the father(the cast) will be on the 3 as well….he make the movie end, the best.

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