Jeremy Corbyn: We are the political mainstream now – BBC News

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  1. Who care who is elected in the land of secret brain and psychology experiments to rip the human right to a normal life is stolen from a man.What corrupt conman can convince people that a torture technique with sound weapons and planned psychology is a joke.
    How can people in the uk steal a mans life to the point we're anti psychotic Medication is prescribed and the great British human rights crime practicing a torture technique is a joke we're violent reactions are wanted.
    I don't care if Corbyn is elected he's like the others,shielding a rapist brain weapon user just because tv companies want to feed,parasite,pimp off a human being and because of the royal family wanting to be seen good on tv.
    The target is a republican and doesn't like royalty especially when his life has been stolen.

  2. bbc ,and cnn was mainstream ,zionist media .brainwashed by lying .never said that there country are creator and funding the isis . but busy to show where they attack . and us and eu when bombing in syria killing children .

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