JP SOUNDZ – Epic Soulful Inspiring Rap Beat Hip Hop Instrumental 2015 – On The Run

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  1. Yo I was walking and talking
    About my life problems
    that’s when I turned around and saw a man knocking on my door
    and so I opened the door and told wat u knocking for
    he asked bro I only have a dollar, do u have any more
    and so I turned around and started mocking
    threw a dollar on his face
    told him move out of my space
    showed him no grace
    pushed him straight out of my place,

    we don’t realize the little things that just pass us by
    cuz we’re too used to the sky
    seeing it every day and night with our eye
    we don’t even try
    to appreciate the little things in life
    gushes of water changing from hot to cold to meet desires running dry
    I ask myself why
    Why look at those and only those above u
    Rolling with my crew
    All blinded by those flashy cars in blue
    I knew deep inside that if nothing in me grew
    Than I’m another you with only money in the view

    yo I aint hatin, jus trin to get a point across
    there are people suffering greater loss
    just open ur eyes and look across
    to countries like Syria and Africa
    where people strive hard to shine bright
    children working day and night
    feeling light
    but they need a bite
    and so they push their bodies and their minds
    givin their families some kind of sign
    that their child might find
    an old stake of rough beard tonight

    yo how ungrateful are we
    Dipped ourselves in luxury
    Living in a country
    blinded by anarchy
    chasing that money and those pricy bugatti’s
    don’t call ourselves alluminati
    but our actions speaks otherwise
    we don’t hear those cries
    of people who size
    the portion of meal each day their bodies may comprise

    yo how ungrateful are we
    Surrounded by four walls
    Standing tall ensuring that we don’t fall
    We got water, water flowing like oceans and all
    But yet we still think this is too small
    Shopping in those shopping malls
    Behold that one day we too shall fall
    Hearing our lords call
    And if the only thing we did is ball
    Then surely, we deserve whatever we befall.

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