Juice Rap News: Israel vs. Palestine (ft. Kerry, Bibi & Norman Finkelstein)

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  1. 2017 – just now watch this xD
    and yeah.. im from ISRAEL..
    this sh*t is awsome i love it XD
    BTW – i realy dont care about any of this anymore..
    we all be dead someday anyway so who care.. PEACE is the best thing to do.

  2. Aye who else remembers who started the war between the two and how Isreal has offered 4 peace treaties to Palestine with isreal often getting the shit part of the deal but Palestine but they refused it.

  3. Fuck Israel. Fuck Illuminati. Fuck USA-EUROPE. Fuck Sionism. Fuck Jahudi (Jews) 82% of world hate Israel.Because Israel Populations is Very Racists Belive me.
    And Future is For Islam World✌💪

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