JUSTICE LEAGUE – Trailer 3 (2017 Movie) “Fallen God” Teaser Action Movie HD (FanMade)

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  1. I like the way he says "no kryptonian" istead of "no sueprman", he isnt even afraid, he knows superman isnt even anything special, its just that the humans are weak, he has fought other kryptonians, he doesnt even care. Somethig that retards like you dont get but thats what he means, confidence. Its like theres only one so people call him "super" while he doesnt even care about him, he knew more, killed many, their just a race, like saying no americans, no greeks, its just race for him, while humans are weak as shit. HES COOL AS FUCK!!!! "no protectors here, no lanters, no kryptonians" like, nobody that can face me, only shit humans, ur all shit, atleast kryptonians and lanters could make it hard, but you guys are shit. HES COOL AS FUCK!!! good villain. Its like if a clients ask me annoying shit in the middle of the desert, "no protectors here, no police, no work… you will fall" Except he has the confidence to just pull up in a planet and say that shit, without any worries. HES MY IDOL!!! I WANT TO SUCK HIS ALIEN DICK!!! (not really, just exagerating, im just happy that we will get a super cool villain, movie looks interesting as fuck)

  2. I must say this, so JL doesn't receive hate cause you wanted Supes black. Supes will be normal suit, he was seen wearing his standard suit in JL behind the scenes, and there is also a lego action figure with him standard (lego always get early acces to the movies so they can make the sets before it, to hype the movie). So pls don't hate on JL because it wouldn't have Black Supes. It's gonna be a great movie, and not everything has to be exactly like in the comics. I just HOPE I'm not too late with those comment.

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