Kotaku Pushes Fake News

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  1. U push fake news to,like when u reported Hillary Clinton was in a cult. P.s. Can you do a story on how the now republican fcc wants to end net neutrality. BOOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. When Red said "Info wars" and doing reputable research… LOL That is a pile of bullshit right there. Red went from speaking about gaming to being political. I don't agree with the right and left. Now trying to surf youtube for a fucking channel about gaming. Take that right wing nutjob, left wing baby shit outta here… Peace, im out..

  3. I was expecting Patricia Hernandez to be the one behind this. She's known for her BS feminist/leftest trolling articles. Mostly for the clickbaiting. And people fall for it. I only keep subbed to the site on Facebook to talk to other gamers and keep up any gaming news in my feed.

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