‘Lucid’ Spacey Trippy and Dreamy Trap Hip Hop Instrumental | Chuki Beats

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  1. This goes great with my new Cosair STRAF RGB Keyboard  right now my keyboard is making it rain the lighting is flowing down the keys and it's in time with your music. How cool is that.

  2. Dude I as watching a computer build and they used your music. I am a drummer and I would like to know if I can download this song and work on some beats on my kit? I would love for people to hear this also while I am driving. this is great driving music. I have a 94 Acura Integra rebuilding the motor( LSVTEC) Dude this would go great while I am driving the freeway at night in the summer with my top open, it's hot here in Louisiana. Your style is great as one musician to another I can feel you. keep doing what you do.  Oh the guy was  JD Tech Gear. He turn me on to you by watching his video on bulding a $1700 Ryzen  computer. I also am bulding a mini monster. Latter

  3. Energetic feelin something like im groovin,
    So receptive, no assumptions, im a student,
    I follow movements, let the currents take me,
    What is current does not dictate to me,
    I move at crazy speeds, They say my heart is cold,
    They think im 8 degrees, but im far below,
    There is a vacancy, i miss my father bro,
    …But i know that hes watching close,
    The hardship made me live like im heartless,
    Im a tin man, a shell of where the heart lived,
    This is hard-lived, a living hell, hangin by a thin strand,
    Im ten man regardless.

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