MAJOR UPDATE: Project Scorpio No Longer Tied to Xbox FPS

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  1. Honestly for sp games it doesn't need to be the same, but when multiplayer is involved the same frame rate will probably be the same in fast paced titles. Otherwise the devs would be idiots

  2. hell uea ive been saying this since that interview , what would be the point of investing 500 to 600 again if the games will be running the same as the xbox one s ? this is ms opportunity to redeem themeselfes and come out with a fullpower console that will give us our moneys worth

  3. good news for those 26M xb1 owners will certainly dont buy games without parity. Sony is very happy for those xb1 pisst owners will surely dump the xbox brand over ps5 next gen. WONDERFUL MS.
    The only people left are those Xbox fanboys who suck Phil's dick and bought xb2.

  4. Same frame rate = Xbox One 720-1080p 60 fps, Xbox One Scorpio 4K, 60 fps. That's how I would do it. Res is not as important as graphical power, from my experience. We just want bad ass games with no lag at old HD or new HD while having the option of either depending on our personal budget. If I wasn't content with my OG PS4, I'd go on Craigslist and get me a VCRBOX for $150! Same games! 2017 is when this current gen hits it's mark. 4K options are out there along with affordable options. How does it get any better than that!?

  5. i see a lot of console peasants here. saying some pretty stupid shit. you complain the devs dont care enough to make the games you want so what do you do? stop buying their games? no you prescribe to this dogma that one console is better than the other and bash each other for it. i mean really. the second they say this is exclusive youve already made your mind up to get it. the second microsoft or sony come down to feed you bullshit about their product you open up promptly for your spoonful of shit. remember when microsoft said that the xbox one was gonna be able to do what they are saying the scorpio can do. your being lied and you accept it like good peasants. to the console gamers that see all platforms as gamers and just want a solid and beautiful playing experience this isn't about you. your normal and can see through bullshit.

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