MAJOR UPDATE: Project Scorpio No Longer Tied to Xbox FPS

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  1. I never have liked this idea of parity in general. We've seen it for years. At least on the consoles. Aside from Nintendo latest generations no multiplat game has ever looked drastically better on one console over the other. They tend to be fairly equal in that aspect even though one console might be more powerful than the other. Hell. We've even seen it with pc ports.

    On the business side it makes sense. You want them to be close because you want to sell as many units as possible. But on the consumer side of things your experience might be held back by a weaker platform because of the fact that they are developed for the lowest denominator. That's why ps4 exclusives like uncharted 4 look so much better than even the best looking multiplatform releases. They don't have to worry about what Xbox can do.

    I think this is great news. Unchain the boxes. Make things the best you can for each system and let the consumer decide which platform. That way no matter what you play on you know you are getting the best possible experience the platform will allow.

  2. great news for gamers, at least consoles are starting to hold candle for pc, but knowing that there are many cases where devs has downgraded games for pc, for sole purpose so that console version would not look like pc versions ugly brother, in scorpio and sony case could be the same thing

  3. Guys microsoft might just be fucking brilliant since "its up to the devs" to utilize the 4k but if no dev magically uses it theres no proof denying it

  4. So Microsoft lied to people to sell xbox s….. Xbots gotta buy another system and that would be number 3 (Got Milked)… I'm still on my first PS4 and gaming with a smile. I also bought an xbox one that was broken for $30 repaired it myself. Bought some games for it, but I just prefer my PS4. I am looking at the sorpio but going to wait, need to see what kind of games they release.

  5. I always wait with Xbox and ps I was waiting for the xbox one S but then I heard of the ps pro and Scorpio so I waited I was about to get the pro but there's no point to it so I'm waiting on the Scorpio I'm curious to see what it is going to be like and I just got the Nintendo switch finally! I found one! Hopefully I'll be able to get a Scorpio if it's in demand as well

  6. Pretty soon they will go back on their promise of "no one gets left behind" and will only release games for Scorpio. This is exactly why I'm returning my Xbox one S. I can't trust Microsoft to support their console after pulling this move. I bought the S 20 days ago, glad I opened only a few of the games as I will be able to get an almost full refund.

  7. Ya because there going to spend time and money just to make it 60fps. For one platform Right…. You can turn your into a hot rod with extra money or sell it as is. Your going with (as is). dont buy into the hype and lies.

  8. I was on the side of that everything should have 30fps because it would be unfair in MP games, but you brought up a good point with the elite controller. If MS is already providing a way to get the upper hand in MP 60FPS probably wont matter that much.

  9. People buy a console because it's easier than a PC. So Microsoft have Scorpio Xbox 1s and Xb1 all out is a big issue. Scorpio needs to free from Xb1 and xb1s. like Xbox 360 Scorpio is being held back with third party games. Only exclusives Will benefit. This is stopping me from getting Scorpio I would rather just save the extra money up and build a PC.

  10. I like that they do not have the x1 hold back the scorpio BUT that beeing said… I have to say it is a shitty anticonsumer move to right before the launch of xbox one s say there will be parity, essentially saying buy the S now, it's only a resolutiondifference, and less than a year later basically saying haha, in your face we will have no parity, you should have waited.

  11. sony doesn't own marketing rights for destiny or destiny 2 they have exclusivity for certain things in the game I.e strikes and armour and maybe a couple of weapons Activision I believe does all the marketing and publishing.

  12. feel like Xbox and PlayStation are going to stop making console in the future I feel like PC is going to be the only thing PC makes the money feel like PC is than a console people want what they want and it's not going to happen to you get what you get PS4 is great Xbox to I have both and I don't see the difference my be because PlayStation has good games Xbox doesn't who nose mybe xbox might have games we don't no don't people can all ways change there mind

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