MY GO- TO RECIPES (Quick, healthy and easy!)

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  1. Hello Sarah, I'd like to make and try the chick peas recipe but even though my English is ok and I rarely get stuck, sometimes I hear words I don't recognize in English (not my first language) and I'm having a problem understand what spices you used with the chick peas because you never wrote it, and if you happened to wrote it I could use translation to understand what spices you used. Can you please write me here the 2 spices you used with the chick peas? Except for salt and pepper 🙂

  2. Are you a full time youtuber or do you have a job? What's your secret lol I'd like to know how you afford such a healthy diet and all of the expensive oils and products you own .. I wish I had the money to purchase most of the things you do

  3. I love this first potato recipe! I actually make this all the time, especially since I have moved out because it is so simple and delicious. It is totally amazing when you add some pieces of garlic on top of the potatoes. 💜

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