Napolitano: Trump’s language on North Korea is over the top

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  1. Trumps press conference today was bizarre and unhinged and honestly dangerous. I was having a hard time telling if i was watching Trump or N Korean state run TV .Napolitano is right and Trumps putting Millions of Korean and Tens of Thousands of American military personal in danger. The North Korean regime has been seen to be unstable for decades. The last thing you want is to feed into the North Koreans paranoia .

  2. The crazy guy…they mean Trump right?

    Time to remove him from power before he escalates this to nuclear war…just to avoid all his nebulous dodgy past. Predictably, Trump will literally do anything to take the heat off himself, purely thinks of himself. He is insane.

  3. The judge is a Fucking moron. Hes talking about you cant attack because of the civilians. Well if you try and starve out Kim he or his military wont starve the civilians will. I've never heard a more pathetic, moronic argument in my entire life. I used to think he was smart. But after that idiotic response WOW. Kim has nukes and has threatened to use them. Even if he doesn't use them who wants to bet he sell them to people that will. Like Iran, Isis, Muslim Brotherhood, etc. The judge needs to STFU about anything other than the law because he is obviously is clueless about everything else.

  4. Judge N. is correct. Pres. Trump lost a huge opportunity at the G20 to rally the other nations. The interviewer is naive (you threaten me, I threaten you – guess what we have a way bigger etc etc.). one atomic weapon detonated in the region will kill 10 of thousands of people. NK now knows they have a handle on Pres. Trump – that gives them legitimacy and leverage.

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