NEW TRY NOT to LAUGH or GRIN | Funny Animals Compilation 2017

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  1. Nice! Animals are the only things that really make me laugh because they are so complex to understand and you never know what they will do next! I was wondering if i may use some of the clips from this video in my remix animal try not to laugh vid? You will of course be in the desc with links to your channel as well as to original videos.

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  3. I hate how sensitive people are over animals. Like I come to these videos just to laugh and have a good time and half of the comments are just "He was chasing the cat around the house what a fucking moron" n shit. Like animals tease and spook each other too. They are not dolls made out of glass jfc.
    Of course hurting animals is wrong, but just playing and doing what most other animals would do to each other is just fine jfc.

  4. i like how nobody ever cares when a hamster is living in a tiny ass plastic cage. just because they're small and cheap doesn't mean it's right to treat them like fucking garbage. it's still a living animal.

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