No, Scalebound is NOT in Development

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  1. ok……not buying this game is dead. I'm betting this is an E3 surprise. They are "protecting" the IP for a reason. I of course wouldn't bet the farm that I'm right, but I just have a hunch.

  2. I am simply struck by how weak Microsoft’s Xbox exclusive roster has been not just lately, but for years now, and things only appear to be getting worse in time. Its strongest offerings are probably niche titles like Killer Instinct and Forza, but its “big” series continue to underwhelm, and now other IPs have been killed off left and right.

  3. Scalebound is as dead as Mega Man Legends 3! You all will never see a game like this on xbox one, EVER, so stop asking for it.
    your feels may be hurt but trust me it's best to realize this now rather than waiting only to have your hopes crushed later.

  4. It has to come back in some fashion. I'm sure it'd be years out but I don't think Microsoft is going to pass up the opportunity to make a "for the gamer" announcement. Heck even phantom dust got re released for free a few days ago for that very reason.

  5. well i don't believe anything windows central says. the guy who wrote the article is full of himself. I'm not saying it be at e3, but renewing a trademark does mean something is in the works.

  6. I know what you mean Red iv been seeing people hype over it everywhere when it clearly meant nothing. Another good example is Rockstar if you remember they were meant to realise a game called Agent in like 2005 which got cancelled yet even today they still hold onto the name and have it on their website

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