No, Scalebound is NOT in Development

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  1. It's very likely they'll try to renew development. Renewing a trademark means that they have to defend it. That means if they don't use it, then the USPTO will vacate that license that they granted for Scalebound. The USPTO actually demands proof of this. So there probably is something in the works. Whatever it is, who knows?

  2. I wonder if this was Sony and Naughty Dog with Last of Us Part II and for some reason, they had developmental problems, missing important deadlines and such. I highly doubt they would just straight-up cancel the project and let the sequel to one of the most critically successful games of all time slip through their fingers like that. Sony would do everything in their power to make sure the game would come out in production so they can sell it, because Naughty Dog is a renowned developer and they make Sony's flagship IPs that make people want to buy a PS4. There's no way in hell they would just cancel something like an Uncharted or God of War or something like that. Sure, you can argue that Platinum Games is not as renowned as Naughty Dog, but the same thing still applies with Microsoft. If it was Halo or Gears of War, Microsoft wouldn't have cancelled it. So, it's still kinda bullshit in my eyes that they just canned it because they missed deadlines because if it was one of their flagship titles, they would be dumping millions of dollars to try to push it out the door. And you know I'm right.

  3. we will wake up finding out scale bound has already be released and so many people will have a memory that it was discontinued. wait until this happenings.

  4. microsoft better bring their A game this year. I just bought an xbox one s (gears of war 4 2tb version) to play RDR with best framerate possible. might even get RDR2 on xbox one as well if there isn't a dramatic difference in performance comapred to ps4. if they announce a PC version im def going to wait and get it there.

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