Nvidia GeForce Now Turns Any PC Into a GTX Gaming Machine – CES 2017 Tech News

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  1. This stink on so many levels more so when used with the Nvidia Shield – the sub service for 7 ot 10 bucks a month is fine depending on location /country price point but this 25 dollars for 20 hrs is a joke – with a PC you could just go out and buy a better GPU for those outlandish costs but for the Nvidia Shield TV console or K1 tablet is a slap in the face for those buying these products

  2. 25 dollars for 20 hours? + Buying games too + Downloading time are you kidding me?
    just save money and build your own gaming machine for life where you can install every privated games too

  3. Hi guys, i'm looking for a new graphics card and I don't know which card to take:
    -Asus rog strix RX 460
    -EVGA gtx 1050 FTW
    Zotac gtx 1050 ti

    They are all the same price (my maximum budget).
    Thans ! and srry for my bad english 🙂

  4. A lot of people do not understand that they aim for casual gamers with a low hardware laptop and/or low hardware desktop.
    You do have a desktop or a laptop, you do have a game, but you can only run the game on low/medium settings and you
    dont have the money to upgrade your system or buy a gaming laptop.

  5. that would ende the pc vs console wars.imagine they could optimize games for an gtx 1080 you know what the games will look like? massively better more detailed because the developers mustnt look what the consoles are capable of. I also wish for an Whole big TV which have every component inside to stream games from the cloud so that you need nothing more than the TV and an contoller.

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