Pills & Automobiles (Audio)

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  1. Team Breezy since 2012… Yeah in France we don't talk about him a lot I mean we know him but not enough… Anyway I bought X Deluxe And Royalty Deluxe and they are just amazing… But I have to say that this song, I just don't like it I mean I don't like this side of Chris Brown but for me he is still the bestFor example Bruno Mars is too much on the MJ funky shit! it's cool when it changes but I don't like sorry… #TeamBreezy

  2. Some of y'all fake channel, Chrisbreezychannel chrisbrownOHBvevo or Chris breezy channel, y'all need to stop leaking some shit like that. Y'all ruinin all this of this talented singer's work

  3. im a huge fan bit i wont lie to you… this is no where near what you are capable of. its cool for a mixtape but a single? i dont doubt you but i believe in you more than this

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