Protesters Rallied For Colin Kaepernick at NFL Headquarters

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  1. He insulted every American since 1776 that has given their life in defense of that flag and spit on their graves. He offended everyone that has served in the military in defense of that flag. These are the people that fought and died to provide the blanket of freedom that keeps his cold evil soul warm at night!

  2. This Sunday when the games start, instead of saying
    "Why aren't they standing!!!!!!"
    Try saying…
    "Why aren't they standing?"
    The path to unity is understanding.

  3. so they're protesting for a whiny little b** football player but they not protesting about the Liberals and the Democrats being corrupted or being violent someone please tell me that or they're not protesting about those little fake ass Thugs who like to break into people's houses and kill innocent people because of different colored outfits they wear what about that we're warned you know they're worrying about some goddamn f**** football player who got plenty of f**** money money who can go move somewhere else and b** over there but but if it comes to something serious like a fake Thug killing an innocent kid kid or forcing a kid to do drugs and sell drugs that's not nothing to protest about this is so retarded beyond belief they want to keep this whole whole black-on-black crimes ain't nothing will you know what that s*** is something you know this is ridiculous I'm half-black half-puerto Rican and I can tell you just by looking at the black lives matter group is a waste of time the Liberals are a waste of time this protest that they have for the NFL is a waste of time it is a waste of time and a waste of just a waste of just anything if if it is anything you know I mean it's like who decided to do this that everybody's complaining about this poor innocent man oh my God he doesn't have a job so we need to protest but what about the people who are dying the innocent people that are dying why don't there's no protest about that man f*** him

  4. Look at all these dumbshits mindlessly chanting for this religious messiah of theres to get more than 900,000 a year.. This is what he turned down you idiots.. Those are numbers people will never see in their lives

  5. he fucking sucks and thinks he's so good and is worth some big ass contract he's a back up quarter back at best if that that got lucky funny he did that stunt after he got benched and pulled from starter and that's the real reason​ plus look at the scene he has turned the NFL into nobody wants that shit at their stadiums he hurt his own name he is now a bad image and bad publicity for any team

  6. WOW….these people are actually protesting for a millionaire moron. I hope he doesn't get signed…then i wont have to watch his sloppy ass play. Anyone in a corporate environment that pulls the stunts he has pulled on the payroll would be fired PERIOD. MORON! these fools have too much time on their hands,…..this is not a racial issue, this is a dumbass issue…

  7. Black people are going to do the same thing to the NFL they do to every major city they live in, destroy it. all this nonsense of racism is no longer going to work. Go ahead boycott, blacks will finally realize the American people are fed up with all of it. An Idea, let's go to a segregated NFL, that way blacks can have their non-racist league and the rest of us no longer has to put up with their bullshit.

  8. Okay just somebody please tell me how Colin Kaepernick was able to choose what color he would be prior to his birth because I did not get to do that I do not how that is actually possible makes me believe that is not possible in all my beliefs and if it is actually possible please somebody tell me how that is talk to me I'm listening

  9. We should protest the NAACP and wear blue lives matters shirts. if he is hired i will go to a game where i will wear a blue lives matter shirt/ stand and turn my back to kaep as a protest to kaeps protest. they dont give a shit about cop lives 82 cops killed just this year.. and then two cops one hispanic and one black killed in kissimmee in cold blood and the BLM and kaep didnt say shit..

  10. Trust me if Kaepernick had the skill set of an Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson or Matt Ryan NFL owners wouldn't care if he urinated on the US flag at the 50 yard line they would sign him in a second.

  11. Colin hasnt been signed because hes a TERRIBLE QB! Look at his stats
    Hes played in 21 Games which puts him 26th on the list. W-L hes 3-16 puts him 34th on the list. Completion PCT 59% puts him 32nd on the list. His total QBR 52 which puts him 31st on the list. The guy isnt good! So why waste your salary cap?

  12. Kap has won 3 of his last 19 starts, thats because he no longer cares about football. Cant lead a team at nfl level without putting in the work to lead it. He quit on his contract at end of last year or would be playing right now. He doesnt want to play just wants to show off for camera.

  13. I will play tiddlywinks in the basement before I watch a bunch of ignorant punks disrespect the flag. Kaepernick is a tool for anti American miscreants and communists. Ignorant Americans should read history.

  14. Hey Colin, the " 80's called and want their hairstyle back. He likes to kneel so much, let him do it at home in front of his television on Sundays and every other day of the week.

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