Protesters Rallied For Colin Kaepernick at NFL Headquarters

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  1. He's an ass!! I wouldn't walk across the street to see this privileged idiot. People should be protesting the "privilege" of these over paid arrogant idiots. Making millions and millions of dollars for doing nothing more than playing football? The whole mess has turned me off to pro football.

  2. Nazi signs? Where are all these Nazis everyone is talking about? 150 ppl in Virginia does not mean the US is full of them. Get off your FB feed and look around. Nazis were defeated 70 years ago.

  3. I hope all these morons have the money to buy NFL tickets and merchandise like the people with jobs and brains who oppose this.
    "I didn't build or pay for your platform but I'm entitled to be on it, doing whatever I want!"

  4. It has started. The NFL boycott is underway…spreading like wildfire. Don't believe me???….Go check ticket sales? Check NFL sponsors are withdrawing their $ for advertising. Hoping NFL will end up canceling the season. Then there will not be a Super Bowl 51 …..This grassroots movement will put the players on the unemployment line right where their sorry underprivileged asses belong!!!! Quit disrespecting our flag and our country!!!! Stand for the National Anthem and then kneel for prayer if you want!!!

  5. I support Colin Kaepernick freedom of speech however you people who are protesting need to realize playing in the NFL is not a right. It is a privilege yes he has a right to feel how he feels and speak out about it however he does not have a right to a job, that is the consequence of activism you risk a lot.

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