PS4 Pro Can’t Run Destiny 2 Gameplay at 60FPS

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  1. Screw those bungie faggots.Destiny 2 feels more like dlc than sequel.You bungie faggots give us 4k 60 on Scorpio or get the hell out of our face.We don't care about your shitty game.Ark survival evolved is 4k 60 epic quality variable frame rate.And you tell me you can't run your shitty looking game at 60 fps?Hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahajajajajaja Bungie you are pathetic

  2. Xbox X is not being HELD back by the PS4 you tards… They have to put into play everyone else. On XBox 1 Xbox 1s who can run it at 60 and its a unified network so it would be UN FAIR for the other consoles you fuking tards

  3. wait a minute…..both Scorpio and the Pro have the same AMD 8 core cpu (with a 100hz difference in speed)….and I was just told the cpu of the play station couldn't handle 4k 60fps but the Xbox could? I don't think CPU horsepower is the problem….

  4. neither Scorpio or pro will do 60fps 4K they don't have the cpu power that's why there going for visuals over fps or a medium of 1080 60fps and bungie have never done a 4k game
    the 8/ 12k version on pc looks dope tho

  5. There are far more technically impressive games already running at 60fps on console. Blaming the hardware and saying it's not possible while others have already proven otherwise is laughable.

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