‘Rhinestone Cowboy’ singer Glen Campbell dies at 81

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    One of the greatest musicians to play the six strings….
    You were loved and adored by every guitarist around, my condolences to your family!
    Plus he introduced "the Cream" to American audiences..

  2. R.I.P glen, One of my favorate song is '' No more night, No more pain, No more tears, No more crying again, And praises to the great 'I AM' we will live in the light of the risen lamb, Now it become reality for glen, Rest in the arms of the great ' I AM ' glen.

  3. Glen Campbell was a session musician who had stardom as a great solo pop/country star. He did sunny tunes that meant so much to many people, I remember too when his tune was played on the radio in the film 'In the Heat of the Night'' 'Bowlegged Polly'. I had a poster in my bedroom as a kid Glen advertising the Ovation guitar. His version of Classical Gas was great, he was good friends with Elvis, so much did he give and will be remembered, God bless your soul.

  4. When I was a kid my parents would go to a farm auction and sale on the weekends and they always had Glenn Campbell playing on the loud speakers. His music lives in a part of my memory. Sympathy's to the Campbell family.

  5. 1968 Paramount Pics True Grit was originally starring John Wayne & Elvis Presley, However Elvis had other idea's & wanted top Billing for the picture, The Duke would have no part of this & forced Paramount to drop Elvis for Glen Campbell

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