Sad Motivational Hip Hop Instrumental – No More Lies

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  1. Birds chirping, Animals crying, 
    Peoples lying, Shouting out pride, 
    Shoot a human, Grenade flying, 
    Bomb exploding, Buildings falling, 
    Stalingrad reacted, retracted, that's a fact in Iraq,

    Catch a bullet, feel it, 
    Tear it, Kill it 
    in the next minute, 
    G-unit split, Dip to the tip,
    sit in the hive, Cry when a friend die,

    Live for the vibe, Viva la vida Jesus, 
    Pray for good, juice up, 
    Toughen up Soldier, Monster in the front, 
    Clutch your gun son, It's not done! 
    Call home, Tell your wife and kids you love'em then say goodbye Hun,

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