Scorpio Held Back Because of Xbox One?

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  1. Did anyone even notice what bungie said, " PS4 pro cannot do 60fps 4k". But what about 1080p 60fps? The Surge and Nioh did it. Read between the lines people.

  2. Well………….duh! Resolution is less of an advantage than fps…….you dissapoint me red dragon. 30 vs 60fps is unfair, of course it would be held back by the original xbox. LOL fck me all these clueless people!

    Mid gen console upgrades have advantages and disadvantages…….who would've thought xD

  3. Yes, it'll do native 4K, yes it'll do 60fps… BUT
    Scorpio can't play demanding triple A titles at 60fps 4K smh ­čśé… Stop being blinded by fanboyish opinions.

    Oh and Pro isn't holding Scorpio back YOU twat, it's part of an entirely different company so if anything, it's the OG xbox holding ­čŽé back as it's 4X weaker.

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