Sony PS5 Release Date: 2018 – Will Destroy Xbox Scorpio – Report

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  1. one x is still last gen tech. the cpu is holding back from 1080p 60fps gaming. People assume the video card will improve frame rate…..Sure if they figure a way to use the gpu to compute like some software uses gpu rendering…then 1080 60fps no problem.

  2. It will be 2020 at the earliest.

    With zero competition from Microsoft in the sales market they're just printing money and will continue to do so for years to come.

    Plus the assets for developing the game are coming down more and more in price as time goes by.

    WITH THAT SAID Sony needs to make sure they don't do what Microsoft did in 2011-2012. MS literally kicked the snot out of Sony every month every year for half a decade in sales, but then got lazy and stopped making exclusives. Around 2012 2013 PS3 started to put out some amazing games and that momentum led into the latest consoles.

    I predict 2020 announcement with 2021 release.

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