Sony PS5 Release Date: 2018 – Will Destroy Xbox Scorpio – Report

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  1. is the pro worth it ? im happy with my ps4 but i want to upgrade just because i dont have to i just want too. and yea ill probably pick up a xbox x for my little bro . i have both well actually all three consoles and the xbox is kinda shit just saying

  2. The scorpio isn"t meant to compete with a PS5. It's just an add on to the XB1 and XB1S.

    PS5 won't be out for several more years and Xbox will have another console around then too.

  3. it's just PlayStation fan boys wish the didn't have a less powerfull console but it about your personal preference at end of day what you enjoy playing on for me it will be a Xbox one x as it's pre-orded already

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