Soul Jazz City – 90’s Hip-Hop Instrumental

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  1. Can I please have your permission to use this amazing piece of music for my work? The atmosphere and the vibe are both perfect for my lyrics. Let me know! Thanks a lot.

  2. i feel so confined, like my soul is redifined
    everyday i try to read between the lines, cant yall niggas just open up your minds, were looking at the signs
    within your mind there is a diamond mine, if you dig youll find your shine,thats where i found mine

    one nation under god, one nation, hypocritical, filled with fraud.
    assimilation is political like theyre flawed, and yet all you care about is yo damn i pod
    families coming home from abroad just to find theyve been outlawed, dont that sound odd but you still claim that theres a god

    much like suicide the problem resides on the inside, corporations on the rise, demise will not decline
    cops pull up niggas die, aint no point to lie, we kill eachother too, all you gotta do is look at chi
    its time to open up your minds eye, stop sitting by,
    higher power, soul is floating in the sky, and when i close my eyes all i see is tye dye,
    they say i got a gift but i drowned it out with mai tai, but my soul beams light like a fire fly so you know im safe cuz the indigos will never die.

    but theres some positive in the american way, i woke up today and seen some shit that had me in dismay, while we all sitting back thinking we slaves with no destiny except the grave. i flip another page
    50 syrians got blown away seriously and you care bout is yo punk ass 15 dolla minnimum wage,
    burnin weed like its sage.
    soon to be here is the end of the days, hipocrisy in the american way, land of the free, home of the brave, but we ended up owning slaves now what does that say i think its time to change

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