Taylor Swift CUTTING Friends from Her Squad!? -JS

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  1. all you swifties burn in hell… stop defending her… she made her choice… stop tryin to make her look innocent… so… enjoy your eternity in hell along with your so called swift…. so longgg… ya'all… burn in hell

  2. I have no idea why I ended up watching this. Wow….. people are clueless. This video is straight up demonic. People please wake up! Hollywood, the music industry and pop culture were created by the "illuminati" otherwise the evil elite. The CIA is very much involved with Hollywood in order to push a very satanic agenda. Once you start realizing this…. celebrities will be the last thing you care about.
    Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are not people you want to look up to or want to be. They are "monarch slaves" if you don't know what that is….. look up mk ultra. This is just the tip of the iceberg….. but hopefully it will get you started into realizing some of these conspiracy theories are fact and so much darker that you can even imagine.

  3. Of course she's cutting some friendships. She's portraying them as Plastics, literally. They look plastic and then she dismantled them into a pile of useless limbs and torsos. Regina George's clique of friends that later betrayed her. She's referencing Mean Girls since Katy started calling her publicly a Regina in 🐑 clothing. So she's claiming the Mean Girls reference to give a message that yes some of her former friends took advantage of the perks of being in her inner circle but when things went difficult they betrayed her. Many of them went silent on social media after the Receipts Day. Also she's portraying them as brainless beings just following her orders which is not a compliment. She only honored the ones written in her t shirt.

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