The Public is Furious Over President Trump’s Refusal to Call Out White Supremacy

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  1. We don't even know if the protesters were actually white supremacists or just paid acting protesters. Nazism is not the movement for the betterment of the Arian race, it's something else entirely. Hitler didn't go after Jews because he hated anyone who wasn't white. In fact he allied with darker skinned people than Jews. He didn't care about black people, and he was trying to get Mexico on his side. True historical facts.

  2. Trump is loved because he is a bigot and a racist. Bigotry, is the bloody stain, on the fabric of this country. It is alive and well. Trump now, is it's leader. He doesn't speak out against these white supremacists, because he, himself is a white supremacist. His history, since he was a younger man stands the test of time. He hates, and now his behavior has given these hate mongers, the okay, to go ahead and express their hate. These groups know this, and they have heard Trump spew hatred during his campaign and now, beyond that campaign. They hear and know the "whistle call ". Since their leader, Trump believes in hate, then they feel free to openly express their hate, just like their leader, Trump. America, oh America, your history speaks loud and clear ! Blood, bigotry and hatred is your real creed !

  3. Niggers make me laugh, they respond to what is suppoedly "hate" and "violence" by the Klan buy setting fire to businesses and cars, beating people up and acting like monkeys just reinforcing the reason why Whites dont like them…..oh that and they smell bad

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