This Transgender Veteran Has A Message For Trump

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  1. He did not service as a woman. He served from 1990–2011, and did not come out as transgender until 2013. This is about military readiness, and transgenders will never be military ready, because of their hormone therapies, recover from surgery, etc. People can serve their country in many ways, but in joining the military, there are laws and regulations on the books that they have to meet the physical requirements of everyone else, and also be able and willing to be deployed at a moments notice. If they are not willing to do that, then they should not be joining the military. I was in the military, and there are strict guidelines. There are also weight requirements and you have to keep physical fit. If gays want to join the military, I am okay with that. Why should we kill off all the heterosexual men and women? However, I am against paying for transgenders surgeries and hormone treatment, because that makes them unavailable to be deployed like everyone else has to be. This regulation for medical fitness was updated June 14, 2017. Standards of Medical Fitness, Army Regulation 40–501. Also, drug addicts are not allowed in the military, and they do constant drug testing. If you cannot meet the requirements, then do not join. Then you had the problem of forcing the women to shower with men and Men showering with women. This is not acceptable. This has nothing to do with the LGBTQ community and everything to do with the US military.

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