Tune Seeker – Epic Sick Piano Street Rap Beat Hip Hop Instrumental 2015 – Illusion

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  1. Hola Saludos y Dios Te Bendiga!  Soy De  Venezuela  Hermano,  Es Posible  Utilizar  Este Instrumental Para  Grabar Un Tema Nuevo Que  Tengo?  Respondeme Cuando Puedas Aqui o En Mi Facebook:  Dany HD

  2. Trapped in The system victim of a cycle right hand on my 2 left hand on the bible a yung diciple with a motive smokin weed and killin roaches aimin for these poachers kil em when they approach us all these cops mad cuz they cant control us my vision is a sin from the city of herion people over dosin  feins tellin me to let em in this shit is unsettlin bangin heavy metalin they shot my mans so i brought the wepaons in leavin nothin but blood and excrament im the next up so throw yo checks up cuz aintobdy goin check us nothin but this weed and good music can bless us

  3. im done living in the street can someone please help me off my feet.
    my life like a story had to write it down for the glory. 
    so now im a mystery mamas always missing me people like to diss me 
    but it ok all in the end because it toryon lane and hears where i win

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    Hi, my name is Zayn Raja and I am fourteen years of age, I love to listen to instrumental beats and write lyrics to them and then record it. please check out my channel and listen to my songs that I have released please also subscribe to my channel, the more likes and subscribers I get the more I will continue to write and record and follow my dream
    P.S the instrumentals I use are not mine thnx

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